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Case Summary

Here is a case summary for monetary damages awarded to a plaintiff in a personal injury case involving neck and back injuries resulting from an 18 wheeler accident. This case was out of the Second Circuit of Louisiana which is in Shreveport.

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Adams v. Chenault, 836 So.2d 1193 (2nd Circuit) , LA ,   2003,   Report Type: N/A

Appellate Panel :N/A
Trial Type :judge
Trial Judge :N/A
Trial Court :N/A
Plaintiff’s Lawyer :N/A
Defendant’s Lawyer :N/A


Migraine headaches, burning sensation in neck, shoulder abrasions, neck pain, back pain, strained neck, post-traumatic cervical strain,

Tissue :soft Tissue
Did Plaintiff Have Surgery? : 
Treatment Length :> 12 Months
Pre-existing Conditions :soft Tissue
Award change on appeal:decreased


General Damages :$45,000
Past Medicals :$32,292
Future Medicals :$5,000
Past wages :$0
Future wages :$0
Loss of Consortium :$0
Other Damages :$0
Total :$82,292

This is the total amount of money damages awarded to the plaintiff.

Case Details

LawSuit Reason:Plaintiff, female, injured in a car accident. She was a passenger in her father’s car when the vehicle was hit by an out of control 18 wheeler.
Award Reaso :Awards for general damages and future medical expenses reduced on appeal due to plaintiff’s own behavior. It was found that her abuse of narcotic pain reliever medication worsened her condition.