Call a Mandeville car accident attorney if you’ve been injured

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Mandeville has a lot of traffic, and car accidents can happen. Be careful!

Mandeville has a lot of busy traffic, especially near the Whole Foods shopping mall.  I have personally been rear-ended when driving down Florida Boulevard heading towards Highway 190.

Car wrecks in Mandeville can be caused by different types of negligent acts.  The driver may be inattentive, he might be distracted while looking at his phone, or he might be speeding.

A car accident can cause serious injuries.

Car accidents can cause injuries that are “hidden” in a sense because you might not know about the injuries until you get scanned by an MRI.

An MRI can scan your soft tissue for bulging or ruptured discs that don’t show up on X-rays.

Mandeville is one of our favorite areas. If you have been hurt in a car or truck accident in Mandeville, Louisiana, call us today for a free consultation.

Things to Remember if You Have Been Injured in Car Accident in Mandeville:

  • Get immediate medical attention if needed.
  • Call the police and provide a detailed and thorough account of the car crash.
  • Get the Item Number and Crash Report Number so that your attorney can order what is called the “Uniform Crash Report.”
  • Get the at-fault driver’s insurance information such as their insurer’s name and policy information so that we can contact them and file a claim
  • Call Kervin Law for a free consultation so we can advise you of your rights and duties and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Should you tell the other driver your insurance limits?

The answer to this question is generally speaking, “no.” You are simply required to show proof of insurance coverage at the time of the car accident and nothing more.

Who investigates the accident?

The Mandeville police or Louisiana State Police will usually investigate a car wreck within their jurisdiction. However, the investigation usually just involved taking each driver’s statements, any witness statements and a simple diagram and narrative of what happened. This is known as the Uniform Crash Report.

The problem is their investigation may not be enough to settle the liability dispute. This may require the work of an attorney and an accident reconstruction expert.

I am a Louisiana personal injury attorney and our law office is conveniently located in Covington which is right next to Mandeville, Louisiana. We are ready to help you if you have been injured in a car wreck in Mandeville, Louisiana. There are many types of personal injury cases, and motor vehicle collisions being just one example.  If you have been hurt in a car accident, you need to know your rights and what steps to take to ensure those rights are protected. It is important to hire an experienced accident attorney who is familiar with the geography of Mandeville, Louisiana, and also familiar with the automobile and insurance rules.