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This is an old offshore case from 1998. In this case, a piston from the engine room fell on the worker. This case is a reminder how serious injuries can be in workplace and offshore accidents.

Here is the quantum summary for the case:

Abuan v. Smedvig Tankships, LTD
Abuan v. Smedvig Tankships, LTD, 717 So.2d 1194 (4th Circuit) , LA , 1998, Report Type: N/A

Appellate Panel : N/A

Trial Type : judge

Trial Judge : N/A

Trial Court : N/A

Plaintiff’s Lawyer : N/A

Defendant’s Lawyer : N/A


Head injury, brain damage, scarring, fractured leg.

Tissue : hard Tissue

Did Plaintiff Have Surgery? : yes

Treatment Length : N/A

Pre-existing Conditions : hard Tissue

Award change on appeal: unchanged


General Damages : $1,500,000

Past Medicals : $0

Future Medicals : $0

Past wages : $0

Future wages : $0

Loss of Consortium : $0

Other Damages : $0

Total : $1,500,000

Case Details

Suit Reason : Please see case for specific details.

Award Reason : Please see case for specific details.