How To Respond At The Scene Of A Truck Crash

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The aftermath of a truck accident can be devastating and disorienting. Knowing what to do in the moments during and after can help you take the right steps to protect your best interests and financial recovery. Accidents involving commercial trucks can result in insurmountable tragedy and property damage. Rarely do those involved walk away without any injuries at all. Driving next to a commercial truck on the highway can be intimidating, and understandably, since they can weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds if fully stocked. Your standard passenger car only weighs around 3,500 pounds, which means that vehicle and those inside are likely to endure the worst. If you ever find yourself in a truck accident that was caused by a trucker or another party, it is wise to consider speaking with a truck accident lawyer about your compensation eligibility. 

Call The Police

Remain at the scene and call 911 immediately. An officer can help divert traffic, get injured people the medical care they need, and clear the wreckage. The police will also do their own investigation and assessment of the accident, and write findings in an official report. If you are thinking about suing the truck driver or other party who caused the accident, then having a copy of this police report will be influential. In most cases, you can easily obtain a copy at your local law enforcement office. 

Get Emergency Care

Even if you are not obviously hurt after the collision, have emergency responders check you out to see if there are injuries that need treatment right away. The adrenaline surge and shock that often comes with being in a serious personal injury accident may keep you from being fully aware of your injuries and their severity. There are some injuries, such as concussions, that may not have symptoms until days later. By having a medical team and your doctor do an examination, it prevents injuries from exacerbating to critical or life-threatening in the days to follow. When in doubt, get medical care anyway. 

Collect Witness Contacts

Eyewitnesses can be impactful when it comes to legal claims. Those involved in the truck accident may be too disoriented to collect their thoughts. But if there were bystanders who saw what happened moments prior to, during, or after the crash, then they can be useful witnesses. As our friends at Cohen & Cohen would agree with, you don’t have to ask witnesses to provide you with a statement at the scene, all you need to do is get their name and reliable form of contact so they can be reached out to at a later time. 

Truck accidents can be traumatic events to go through. While no one expects to be in a truck crash as they go about their day, it can happen. Knowing what to do and who to seek help from can protect your health and best interests. Don’t hesitate to get medical attention, gather witness contacts, and then speak with a lawyer about compensation for your injuries and damages.