Lawyers for civil suits

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Business and civil suit lawyers in Covington, La who are ready to help you pursue a legal claim or defend against a legal claim.

Did you know there are about 19 million civil suits filed in the United States each year?

First, if you are being sued, you need to hire a qualified civil suit lawyer right away because time is of the essence.

If you wait too long to file a responsive pleading, the plaintiff can get a default judgment against you. And about the only way to get a default judgment off of you is to pay it in full.

The most common type of civil case filed in the United States varies depending on the jurisdiction and the source of the data. However, some of the most common types of civil cases include:

  1. Debt Collection: Cases where creditors sue debtors to collect unpaid debts.
  2. Landlord-Tenant Disputes: Cases involving disputes between landlords and tenants, such as eviction proceedings or disputes over lease terms.
  3. Contract Disputes: Cases involving disputes over contracts, including breach of contract claims.
  4. Personal Injury Claims: Cases where individuals seek compensation for injuries caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of another party.
  5. Family Law Cases: Cases involving divorce, child custody, child support, and other family-related matters.
  6. Small Claims Cases: Cases involving relatively small amounts of money, typically heard in small claims courts.
  7. Employment Discrimination: Cases where individuals allege they have been discriminated against in the workplace based on protected characteristics.
  8. Property Disputes: Cases involving disputes over property rights, boundaries, or ownership.

Second, it is not necessary to hire a lawyer in your home town. Sometimes the best civil lawyers are in another city or even another state.

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