SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for lawyers.

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It is almost impossible for lawyers to rank on Google using SEO alone.

I have spent countless hours learning SEO and all its mysteries.  I even wrote a long, detailed essay on how SEO for personal injury lawyers works.

Despite all this learning, what I have experienced is that it is pretty easy to rank for low competition services and businesses.  But almost impossible to rank for ultra-competitive services like personal injury law firms.

Do you offer some obscure legal service that nobody else offers?  Well you can probably rank for that.  Do you represent those injured in car wrecks like every other lawyer in the world does? Well, that’s a whole different conversation.

I did a keyword search on Wordstream and found this:

Top of page bid (low range)
Top of page bid (high range)
 Monthly search volume Competition
lawyers near me135,000$3.96$22.27LOW
attorney at law near me135,000$3.96$22.27LOW
lawyers close to me135,000$3.96$22.27LOW
near me lawyer135,000$3.96$22.27LOW
lawyer near by me135,000$3.96$22.27LOW
lawyers in near me135,000$3.96$22.27LOW
divorce lawyers near me110,000$2.38$21.25MEDIUM
family lawyers near me110,000$3.10$27.80LOW
personal injury lawyer near me110,000$48.00$251.11LOW
family law attorney near me110,000$3.10$27.80LOW
family court lawyers near me110,000$3.10$27.80LOW
family law lawyers near me110,000$3.10$27.80LOW
injury attorney near me110,000$48.00$251.11LOW
family court attorney near me110,000$3.10$27.80LOW
personal injury law firm near me110,000$48.00$251.11LOW
personal lawyers near me110,000$48.00$251.11LOW
family law offices near me110,000$3.10$27.80LOW
lawyer near me for divorce110,000$2.38$21.25MEDIUM
attorney divorce near me110,000$2.38$21.25MEDIUM
personal injury firms near me110,000$48.00$251.11LOW
pi lawyers near me110,000$48.00$251.11LOW
lawyer injury near me110,000$48.00$251.11LOW
attorney’s near me74,000$3.84$20.85LOW
immigration lawyer near me60,500$3.20$18.98MEDIUM
divorce attorney near me60,500$2.58$25.62MEDIUM

Keyword traffic for your practice area plus your city is likely going to be slim.  Even if you write tons of bog articles on “Covington car accident attorney,”  it is nevertheless difficult to reach the first page when someone searches for it.

The graph above shows that these phrases are “low competition” meaning, at least theoretically, that it should be much easier for the lawyer’s website to show up on the first page if someone searches for those keywords.

Google’s algorithm has no idea if you’re a competent lawyer or not.  It goes by rather dumb metrics such as “domain authority” and backlinks.

Domain Authority is directly affected by the quality and number of backlinks.  Google, because they are exceedingly leftwing, considers the Washington Post as a very high authority domain.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The newspaper that spreads disinformation and propaganda is very authoritative to the supercilious folks at Google.

But when will WaPo ever link to a personal injury website?  It would have to be an article that appealed to leftwing sensibilities, like migrants being shipped from Texas to New York City have Covid, because the Texas government refused to vaccinate and mask up their staff.  Something like would pique their attention.