Slander lawyers near me

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We are slander lawyers who can help you if you think you have been defamed online. Due to the rise on social media posting and people posting things they don’t actually know about, we receive numerous calls for people looking to file a defamation lawsuit. Remember, libel and slander fall under the tort of “defamation.” […]

Lawyers for civil suits near me

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Are you searching for a civil lawsuit lawyer near you? Did you know there are about 19 million civil suits filed in the United States each year? First, if you are being sued, you need to hire a qualified civil suit lawyer right away because time is of the essence. If you wait too long […]

Libel slander lawyers

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What is the difference between libel and slander? Libel and slander are both forms of defamation, which is the act of making false statements about someone that damages their reputation. The main difference between the two lies in the way the defamatory statement is communicated: In terms of legal consequences, both libel and slander can […]

Best state to form LLC

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What is the best state to form an LLC? That is a great question and one we will try to answer here. The best state to form an LLC depends on your specific business needs and goals. However, some states are often considered more favorable for LLC formation due to their business-friendly regulations, tax benefits, […]

Conservative podcast

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New conservative podcast I’ve been working on a new conservative podcast at my educational site, podnah. My plan is to create podcasts that explore legal themes in contemporary America and that rebut much of leftwing “lawfare.” I had never heard of lawfare until recently.  After watching Democrats abuse the courts and legal systems to try […]

How to incorporate your business

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Business Entity Essentials Incorporating Your Business In this series, we will go over the reasons why you may want to formally organize your business and discuss the pros and cons of each kind of organization (i.e., LLC, corporation, etc.). For most small businesses, you will want to form either a corporation or a limited liability […]

LLC versus Corporation

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Should you form an LLC or a corporation? That is a question a lot of people ask including myself.  Which is easier?  Which is cheaper and which saves the most in taxes. As far as asset protection goes and protecting your personal assets from seizure, they both offer about the same protection. But forming a […]

How to negotiate and win

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I am currently working on a negotiation course that I plan to offer on Udemy and on my own platform Podnah. Here is the current draft of the outline: How to Win in Business Negotiation Introduction In this course we will focus primarily on business negotiations and negotiations you will encounter when making significant purchases […]

How To Respond At The Scene Of A Truck Crash

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The aftermath of a truck accident can be devastating and disorienting. Knowing what to do in the moments during and after can help you take the right steps to protect your best interests and financial recovery. Accidents involving commercial trucks can result in insurmountable tragedy and property damage. Rarely do those involved walk away without […]

How to get out of debt

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Check out my new book just published on Amazon. I wrote this from my experience working with hundreds of clients as a bankruptcy and debt relief lawyer.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for lawyers.

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It is almost impossible for lawyers to rank on Google using SEO alone. I have spent countless hours learning SEO and all its mysteries.  Despite all this learning, what I have experienced is that it is pretty easy to rank for low competition services and businesses.  But almost impossible to rank for ultra-competitive services like personal […]

How to form a corporation or llc

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How do you form an LLC or a corporation? My college degree is in business and I have represented small Louisiana businesses for two decades.  I also write about startups and online businesses on my own startup, Podnah. What kind of work do we handle? We can help you form your corporation and even draft […]

Covington Personal Injury Attorneys

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Since we moved our office from New Orleans to Covington, we have helped many local residents when they have been injured in a car accident or in medical malpractice cases. Personal injury law encompasses a wide range of legal issues related to harm or injury suffered by an individual due to the negligence or intentional […]

Law firms in Covington LA

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Are you looking for law firms and lawyers in Covington, La? Did you know there are hundreds of lawyers in Covington and St. Tammany Parish? When searching for the right attorney, it is key to know the specific practice area you need. Do you need a contract drafted? Are you trying to collect a debt? […]

Attorney in Covington La

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I am an attorney in Covington, La who focuses on several niche areas: 1) personal injury law and 2) business transactions and litigation. Our law office office is conveniently located at 1978 N. Hwy 190, Suite A, Covington, LA 70433 near Albasha Greek restaurant. We represent lots of people in and around Covington in areas […]

Covington auto accident lawyer

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Have you been injured in a car wreck in Covington, Louisiana? A car accident claim has many important steps and it’s therefore wise to consult with an experienced attorney before trying to handle the claim on your own. For example, the Louisiana prescriptive period places time limits on filing your lawsuit. Next, if you don’t […]

Defective Car Accident Lawyer

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Defective parts in a car can cause serious damages. These defects might result from manufacturing flaws, design errors, or inadequate quality control. The consequences of such defects can range from minor inconveniences to severe property damage. Here are some types of property damage that can occur due to defective parts in a car wreck: It’s […]

Covington Truck Accident Attorney

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Should you hire a Covington Truck Accident Lawyer?   Here are some important things to consider.  Does the lawyer have domain knowledge and expertise in federal trucking safety regulations?  Does she know about the specific insurance requirements? Is your lawyer prepared to take the case to trial? Deciding whether to file a lawsuit or settle out […]

Why do people hate lawyers? Here are 10 reasons why…

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Why do people hate lawyers? Have you ever thought to youself, “boy, I hate lawyers?” Most people seem to hate lawyers, especially personal injury lawyers. I can’t really blame them. From the obnoxious commercials and billboards to the high fees and difficult and lengthy litigation process, the American legal system leaves much to be desired. […]

Covington car accident lawyer

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Covington car accident lawyer ready to help you if you’ve been injured in an accident. I am a car accident lawyer located in Covington, Louisiana. When we first moved our law office from downtown New Orleans to the Northshore, we originally settled in Mandeville. I spent a great deal of time searching for office space […]

How much car insurance do you need?

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How much car insurance do you need? This is a great question but one I bet most people don’t ask themselves.  My guess is most people buy the bare minimum insurance coverage and never think about it again. First, determine how much (and what kind of) insurance you have. The thing is you really should […]

How do you file a car insurance accident claim?

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Car insurance claims:  What you need to know. If you or your family member have been injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation. The amount of compensation depends on many factors including, your medical bills, your pain and suffering, your property damages, whether you will miss work or not, and whether you will […]

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

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WHAT IS A TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY? A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a type of injury that occurs when a sudden trauma or blow to the head causes damage to the brain. TBIs can range in severity from mild to severe, and can cause a wide range of symptoms depending on the location and extent […]

Call a Mandeville car accident attorney if you’ve been injured

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Mandeville has a lot of traffic, and car accidents can happen. Be careful! Mandeville has a lot of busy traffic, especially near the Whole Foods shopping mall.  I have personally been rear-ended when driving down Florida Boulevard heading towards Highway 190. Car wrecks in Mandeville can be caused by different types of negligent acts.  The […]

Uninsured Driver Accident Lawyer Covington LA

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What are the liability and uninsured motorist laws in Louisiana? In Louisiana, drivers are required to carry liability insurance coverage for bodily injury and property damage.   The minimum liability coverage for Louisiana driver’s is $15,000 for bodily injury, and $30,000 for property damage.  If you are injured in a wreck and don’t have insurance yourself, […]

Call a Covington car accident lawyer if you’ve been hurt.

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Do you need a Covington car accident attorney? Before you scroll through the yellow pages, you should consider whether the lawyer actually has an office in Covington, Louisiana. Also, is your lawyer familair with the unique intersections in Covington?  There are several dangerous off ramps and intersections, particularly the one near the Judge Tanner exit […]

What do I do if I am in a car accident?

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What do I do if I am in a car accident? We hope you are never injured in a car accident.  But if you are in a car accident, it’s important to know what to do so you can not only get the medical treatment you need, but also preserve your ability to seek compensation […]

Personal injury law attorney

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Did you know that a low impact collision can cause significant back injures?  An experienced personal injury law attorney knows this. In fact, low impact collisions can cause serious spinal injuries.  These spine injuries can often only be seen with an MRI machine. If you have suffered a back injury, you may have actually suffered […]