When to hire a personal injury lawyer

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Do you need to hire a lawyer for your personal injury case?

In this article, we will discuss when you should contact a personal injury lawyer.

Just because you were accidentally hurt does not mean you need to discuss the event with a personal injury lawyer. I get calls all the time for situations where the person was accidentally hurt but the fault lies solely with themselves or the injuries are minor.

Sometimes I get calls about a minor injury such as getting an upset stomach after eating a meal somewhere. Whether or not the food poisoning was caused by the restaurant, the issue in cases like this is whether the food poisoning injury is significant enough to warrant civil litigation. Often it’s not.

I also get calls for defamation claims where the caller says that a co-worker or manager called them some derogatory names or insulted them in front of their colleagues. Again, situations like these are usually too minor to warrant civil litigation.

Personal injury claims have to prove several elements, namely: 1) a duty is owed to the plaintiff, 2) that duty was breached by the defendant, 3) the breach caused in-fact the injuries and 4) the breach proximately caused the injuries.

Whether or not a duty was breached is typically too complicated for the public to figure out, so they should call a lawyer. But if nobody was actually hurt, then perhaps a call isn’t warranted.

My advice is that when in doubt call a lawyer and ask questions to see if you have a case. The call will be free and you’ll usually get an honest answer and case evaluation.