Covington auto accident lawyer

covington auto accident attorney

Have you been hurt in a car accident in Covington, La?

A car accident claim has many important steps and it’s therefore wise to consult with an experienced attorney before trying to handle the claim on your own.

Do you represent both the insurance company and the victims of car wrecks?

No.  I started my legal career representing the insurance company and fighting against plaintiffs lawyers like me.  Now, I represent only those people who have been injured in a car accident.

Should I speak to the other insurance company after the accident?

No.  You should always consult a lawyer before talking to the at-fault driver’s insurance adjuster.

However, you may notify your own insurance provider about the incident.

You are not required, however, to communicate with the insurance company of the other party involved.

Initially, make sure to report the accident to your insurer, and then refrain from further discussions with any insurance companies until you have consulted with a legal representative.

Engaging an attorney can be particularly beneficial as they can handle all subsequent insurance communications on your behalf.

This is advantageous for several reasons.

First, dealing with insurance claims can be a stressful endeavor, particularly during a period when you might be focusing on recovery from any injuries or traumas caused by the accident.

Secondly, having legal representation ensures that you do not inadvertently say something that could potentially compromise your position in any insurance or legal claims.

Insurance companies operate with the primary goal of minimizing payouts and protecting their profits; therefore, they scrutinize statements made during such communications very carefully.

To safeguard your interests, it is recommended to let your lawyer manage all correspondence with insurance companies after an accident.

What kinds of evidence should I collect after the crash?

When you are at the scene of a crash, collecting the right kind of evidence is critical for supporting any future claims or legal actions.

Here are key types of evidence you should gather:

1. Photographs and Videos:

Capture images or videos of the overall scene, all vehicles involved from various angles, any visible damage, skid marks, road conditions, traffic signs, and signals. Don’t forget to take pictures of injuries and any factors you believe contributed to the accident.

2. Witness Information:

Gather contact information from witnesses. Their accounts can be valuable in reconstructing the event and establishing facts.

3. Police Report:

Ensure you obtain a copy of the police report from the responding officers, as it is an official and crucial document that details the incident.

4. Personal Notes:

Write down your own detailed account of the incident as soon as possible. Include the time, date, weather conditions, and any other observations.

5. Medical Records:

If you or anyone involved sought medical attention, keep a record of all visits, treatments, and diagnoses.

Collecting comprehensive and accurate evidence at the scene can significantly strengthen your position in any subsequent legal proceedings or insurance claims.


How long do I have to file my claim?

For example, the Louisiana prescriptive period places time limits on filing your lawsuit.

Next, if you don’t treat with a medical provider, you won’t get paid.  It’s that simple.  Insurance companies will argue that you’re not really hurt if you don’t treat with a doctor.

Next, you have to also take care of your property damage (“PD”) claim.  Are you enforcing the insurance company to pay for towing, storage and repair?  Does your car need to be totalled?

What about Underinsurance Motorist coverage?  If your the monetary value of your injuries exceed the value of the at-fault driver’s liability policy, you can make a UM claim against your own insurer.  

And, your insurer cannot raise your rates if you’re not at fault.

We are Covington car accident attorneys who can help you file your insurance claim if you have been injured in a car accident.

Don’t wait for the insurance company to write you a check.  They will not look out for your interests like we will.

We have experience fighting insurance companies in court and can take your case to trial if necessary.

covington auto accident attorneys
covington auto accident attorneys

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